Aubrey- San Diego, CA

“A caesarean birth was not part of the ‘plan’ for our little girl. This was my first pregnancy so everything was new and there were so many decisions to make! My husband and I had our hearts set on a natural birth with a midwife program through our hospital. All of our planning had this in mind. At this point, Ginger had already sat down with me to talk through my thoughts, fears, and expectations regarding the birth. She was so insightful and encouraging. Further along in the pregnancy, we discovered that our little girl was happily sitting in the breech position. I tried all sorts of crazy things to encourage her to flip but she didn’t budge! We finally had to schedule a c-section. I was so disappointed and had to spend some time adjusting my emotions and expectations for this unexpected turn of events. I spoke to Ginger on the phone and she continued to encourage and offer insight on the c-section experience for me. I learned that my hospital would still allow for a doula even in a c-section and Ginger happily offered to support me. I was blown away that I had the option! While I originally thought that doulas were only for natural births, I cannot say enough how grateful I am that Ginger was our doula for my birth. She talked me through the whole process, provided oils that really helped relax my tense and anxious body, and kept me updated on what was going on with the baby. She also stayed with me while my husband was with the baby while she was getting her “check up” done. I was so thankful to not be stuck on that operating table alone, unable to move my lower body, and wondering what was going on. The reassurance of her presence and letting me know what was “normal” was so helpful while my body was experiencing a whole bunch of different sensations! She stayed with us through to the recovery room and was such an incredible support to us. Even after she left, she would check in with a quick text to see how we were doing every now and then. While this story was far from the one I originally wanted, I was so grateful for all of the little things that made uniquely ours. Having Ginger as our doula was one part of our story that I am so grateful for and certainly would do again!


Aubrey, 2018

Ginger was absolutely amazing! She helped in so many ways and was such a positive spirit to be around. She even showed my husband how to better support and help me during labor which he really appreciated! I really liked how she shared her knowledge with us without pressuring us into doing anything that we didn’t want to do. My labor would have been so much harder without Ginger by my side. She not only stayed up all night with us, but put so much effort in supporting us, we couldn’t be more appreciative!

Jasmyn, September 2018

Having a good doula by your side can really make a difference in your birthing experience, and Ginger goes above and beyond! She is so kind and helpful, and she made my experience (and my husbands!) much more pleasant than it would have been without her.At first, I didn’t think I needed a doula, but when my labor went into the night, around 1am, I decided I wanted someone to help take my mind off the contractions. Ginger came to the hospital soon after she got the call. She introduced herself, telling my husband that he can go to sleep and she will take care of me, for which he was so grateful! Ginger stayed with me all night, massaging my feet, showing me exercises I can do to make the contractions less painful, and walking around the empty hospital hallways. She also told me lots of interesting stories about her life, which helped pass the time. Ginger made me feel good, let my husband rest, and told him to take a picture of me getting to hold my baby for the first time! That picture would not have happened without her, and for that I’m so grateful! 
If I could do it over again, I would get a doula well before giving birth, because a doula offers so much support and encouragement. She’s been through many births and knows what to expect. She knows exactly how to help, and can give helpful reminders on when to take pictures! I would recommend Ginger to all my friends! She’s an amazing person, and will make your birth beautiful, like it was meant to be.

Renata McCorey

Ginger was such a pleasure and a comfort during my labor and delivery. At every point through my experience, she was no more than an arm’s reach away. She is truly living in her ministry and it shows.
She knew exactly what to do and what to say to help calm me and push me through one of the hardest (yet most rewarding) experiences of my life.
Thank you so much for your support and guidance through my birthing experience. You truly were such a comfort to me and my family! So very grateful for your presence!

Jordan Williams

First of all I want to say thank you for all of UCSD staff and Ginger that she did a great job with my wife. She helped her from before and during birth with my wife. 

Hassan, October 2018

Thank you for your time, dedication, and complete care. My wife and I decided to acquire a doula right before Lola arrived, we figured she would come right on time, and that she did! I thought about how special of a moment birth is, what an amazing moment in our lives, and we thank God that we had Gingers expertise. My wife started laboring at home after a few hours we called Ginger she came right away, what impressed me most is her attention to my wife’s needs, hands-on exercises, and her attentiveness to our questions. We left for the hospital at 10:45pm once we arrived my wife was in a lot of pain after we found out she was 2 centimeters dilated, they gave us options, but being first time parents I asked if I could bring in Ginger, she helped out with these questions in a time that can be very overwhelming. Ginger stayed with my wife, explained our options and discussed them with me and my wife. We were sent home and Ginger followed she stayed on our couch, which was so releveling for us. My wife woke up a little after 3am, contracting, and in a lot of pain, she went to the bathroom and when she came out, we all knew it was time to get back to the hospital. As we tried to make it down the stairs it seems Lola had other plans, it was time for her arrival. Ginger calmly told me we weren’t going to make it to the hospital, it’s time to prepare for a home birth. At that time, I knew God’s ever-loving spirit was surrounding all of us, that he would make sure Lola’s arrival was perfect. With God’s grace and the angles of heaven Lola Evelina arrived at 3:44 AM. I wish I could explain what I felt, what energy was with us, and so I will tell you with one word, divine.

Ginger thank you again, thank you for taking the time to see the perfect arrival of Lola. You will be a part of our family for a long time, until the next birth, thank you.

Patrick, Arian, and Lola Foley